Vintage Citroen HY Coffee Van

It's coffee time

Hire our Vintage Citroen HY Coffee Van which can supply your event or celebration with the BEST Fair trade coffee, speciality teas and hot chocolates.

We have our own blend of roasted coffee beans, which we grind to order and fresh for each coffee cup. Served in environmentally friendly cups with lids.

With whole milk, skimmed, almond, coconut, oat and soya milks available so we can cater for all diets. 

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Our beans are Arabica, fair trade and specially roasted just for us. So with our own blend of coffee beans, grinding every single bean to order, ensures you the perfect cup of coffee that is fresh and tastes great.


We always have a choice of milks available. So whether you like your barista coffee with whole milk, skimmed, oat milk, almond milk, coconut milk or soya - we've got you covered.


We pride ourselves on our sustainability. We buy local quality products and source our ingredients with care. All served in compostable and environmentally friendly cups.

WHAT DO WE HAVE available?


Whether you prefer a simple Latte, a frothy Cappuccino, a simple Americano or a stunning Flat White, we have you covered!  A selection of speciality teas is always available too. Served in compostable cups with compostable lids, chocolate or cinnamon sprinkles.


We serve Italian Hot Chocolate.  It’s decadent, chocolatey and we’ve been told time and again it’s the best hot chocolate people have EVER tasted.  Add squirty cream, marshmallows and a chocolate star or a chocolate flake and you’ve found the ultimate hot chocolate.  We have syrups and toppings we can add so turn your hot chocolate into a Terry’s Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate, a Blackforest Gateaux Hot Chocolate, an After Eight Minty Hot Chocolate…. the list is endless.


We can do any flavour thick milkshake.  Made with creamy whole milk or your choice of vegan milk.  We can add syrups to flavour but we prefer using one of our soft scoop ice cream flavours.  We even have Vegan Ice Creams. Any flavour combination is available: Honeycombe, Blackcurrant & Apple Crumble, Rum & Raisin, Salted Caramel, Raspberry Ripple, Mint Choc Chip.  Add squirty cream and sweet toppings and you’re onto a winner  Combine with our hot waffles to treat your friends, family or clients!

What Our customers say

Be great to see you at the festival again... Can't wait to have one of your hot chocolates with the extra special kick to it.. The best snacks and drinks at the show

Martin Squires, Bristol Voksfest

That FLAT WHITE! OMG! Just Divine!

Jeff Bradley, Private Party


Phone: 07967 709018