Artisan Donuts

We’ve “pimped up” our fluffy ring donuts and added allllll the goodies on top to create the most DIVINE range of artisan donuts.

Order a box of 6 today. 

Local collection or delivery possible – national delivery boxes coming soon!

Assume The Lotus Position 

Caramel or chocolate glaze over fluffy ring donuts with crushed lotus biscoff crumbs, a drizzling of lotus biscoff sauce, melted chocolate and a lotus biscoff biscuit, kinder bueno, hippos, chocolate mikado or chocolate frog.  (contains Egg, Milk, Gluten, Nuts)

Oreo Overload

A mix of white, chocolate or caramel glazed fluffy donuts.  Topped off with crushed Oreo biscuits, decorated with white fudge or chocolate fudge icing, oreo biscuits, chocolate mikados, and more (Egg, Milk, Gluten, Nuts)


Pink & White:

Pink and white glazed icing over fluffy ring donuts.  Decorated with a selection of toppings such as pink sugar crystals, party rings etc.  Perfect for nights in and anyone who is a lover of anything pink! (Egg, Milk, Gluten, Nuts)

Chocolate Box

Chocolate glazed fluffy ring donuts with a mix of chocolatey or sweet toppings.  Think Chocolate freddos, oreo biscuit, bubblegum millions, marshmallows, mars, curly wurly, sprinkles.  A chocolate lovers dream (Egg, Milk, Gluten, Nuts)

Team Toots Box

Can’t make up your mind?  Want to try them all?  Well, just leave the choice of six donuts to us.  We will fill a box with six of the best sellers for you.


Donut Believe they taste so good?

Here Is What OUR Customers are Saying.....

Getting married or having a party?
Our donuts can be matched to your colour scheme.  Send us your colour choices.  We can match the icing to your theme and you can choose the toppings you want us to add.  

Come and collect the day  before your wedding or we can deliver them to your venue for a small charge.  

Put them on a central display, add them to a donut wall, have a tower of donuts instead of a wedding cake.  Whatever you choose we guarantee your guests will LOVE you for it!

Planning a Corporate Event or P:romotion?

What better way to Schmoooze your guests than a tower of hand-made artisan donuts in your corporate colours or event theme?

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The Lotus Biscoff
A fluffy ring donut dipped in a caramel glaze and sprinkled with as much Lotus Biscoff Crumbs as possible, topped with a crunchy Lotus Biscoff spread and a Lotus Biscoff Biscuit
Lotus Biscoff Hippo
The fluffiest of ring donuts, dipped in melted milk chocolate, sprinkled with oodles of Lotus Biscoff crumbs and topped with a hefty spoon of crunchy Lotus Biscoff and a Kinder Bueno Hippo
Bueno Lotus Biscoff
This ring donut has been dipped in a caramel glaze, then dunked generously in Lotus Biscoff crumbs and is topped with a milk chocolate kinder bueno
Chocolate Bueno Biscoff
Fluffy Ring Donut Dipped in a chocolate glaze Dunked in Lotus Biscoff Crumbs topped with a Kinder Bueno Treat
Chocolate Topped Lotus
A fluffy light ring donut dunked in a sweet caramel glaze, spinkled with lotus biscoff and drizzled with a chocolate glaze and melted milk chocolate, topped off with a lotus biscuit
Chocolate Mikado
A deliciously light ring donut, dipped in an equally delicious chocolate glaze, half dipped in oreo biscuit crums and the other half sprinkled with blue bubblegum millions and drizzled with melted milk chocolate. Two Chocolate Mikado biscuits are added for good measure
Oreo Oreo Oreo
Fluffy ring donut dipped generously in a chocolate glaze, sprinkled with lashings of oreo biscuit and drizzled with white glazed icing, finished off with an oreo biscuit