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You are what you eat!  Here at Toots Pizza we have the BEST Sourdough bases.  Not only do they taste great – they are good for you too!  Who knew right?  Pizza is good for you!

Because of the fermentation process it’s easier to digest and also improves the bio-availability of the minerals and fibres contained in the baked product. This is a fancy way to say that because the dough is broken down through the fermentation process, our bodies don’t have to do the work, unlocking otherwise locked nutrients for our body!  So tuck in to a Toots Pizza!

Our sauces are divine.  You can choose from several sauces (rustic tomato, smoky bourbon, Texas BBQ, Honey & Hoisin) but the best and original pizza base sauce still has to be tomato!

Our rustic tomato sauce is a decadent, rich, flavoursome, coarse textured sauce with chopped tomatoes, oregano and basil flavours, made from highest quality Portuguese tomotoes.

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Fior di Latte, or “flower of milk” is the professional pizzaolo’s go-to mozzarella for wonderful pizza!  This wonderful cheese is made in Scotland by an artisan dairy farm and we LOVE it! 

A good handful of mozzarella ensures the right amount of cheese on every pizza.  Not too stingy with it but not too much either…. the perfect amount with a great cheese stretch when slices are pulled apart….. absolutely mouthwateringly delicious. Our Mozzarella, combined with our sauce, sourdough base and toppings, guarantees a perfect pizza every time!

Here at Toots Pizza we pride ourselves on providing quality pizza catering for all types of events, from weddings to birthdays and everything in between. 

We use the best fresh sourdough pizza base, rustic tomato or smokey bourbon sauces, cubed Scottish mozzarella and fresh, locally sourced toppings to ensure the best quality pizzas combined with friendly and professional service.  

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Individual woodfired pizzas. Freshly cooked to order from our tailored menu and served to your guests in individual eco-friendly pizza boxes. Perfect for events, parties, weddings, festivals, sporting events, school fundraisers, charity events, motor events, promotional events or corporate lunches. Each pizza takes just 90 seconds to cook to perfection using sourdough, rustic tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and fresh locally sourced toppings. From 30+ guests
Vegan and Gluten Free available by prior arrangement


Our most popular choice for pre-paid weddings and events. Large woodfired pizza, made with sourdough, rustic tomato or smoky bourbon sauce, mozzarella cheese and various toppings. All cooked to order, served sliced on wooden boards and ready for your guests to help themselves. We serve these with our hand-made seasonal bowls of salads and coleslaw. Served on eco-plates with eco-disposable cutlery by our friendly team. Suitable for 30-250 guests
Vegan and Gluten Free available by prior arrangement

Pizza and a pint at Toots Pizza


Who doesn't like a pizza with a perfectly chilled craft pint or glass of prosecco? This option is perfect for any event, large or small, where you want a simple and perfect combination for your party or celebration. Our sourdough woodfired pizza cooked fresh to order, served sliced buffet style on wooden boards. Your guests help themselves to slices of pizza, fresh seasonal salads and coleslaw. With this package we also provide chilled Prosecco (sparkling wine on tap) and either a barrel of craft cider or craft lager of your choice. We provide the glasses and garnish too. Perfect for an all inclusive food and drinks package. Want to know more? Contact us for a quote!

PIZZA, prosecco, A pint & A PudDING

Craft ciders/lagers/beers on tap, chilled prosecco, perfectly cooked woodfired pizzas, fresh seasonal salads and slaw and a choice of calorie free puddings (may be fibbing here) to finish it all off. This is our most popular package for weddings and events if you have 30+ guests. All pre-paid and included so no hidden charges. Choose from Italian Gelato ice creams or our freshly cooked hot waffles with ice cream, sauces, cream and sweet or fruit toppings. What can be better than a woodfired pizza, a pint and a great pudding to top it all off. Alternatively how about a stack of our hand-crafted decadent donuts?

want the works?
add on our mobile bar!

For a totally stress-free event – we can supply you with woodfired pizza, desserts, afternoon teas etc as well as a fully stocked bar.  Just ask us for the works and we can do the rest, providing you with funky, quality units, great food, eco-friendly plates and consumables as well as friendly staff, licences and a quality service.

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Toots Pizza are committed to providing you with the very best in mobile, event and venue catering.

Choose from one of our set packages, or create your own to suit your event and budget.  We will work with you to perfect the menu for your event using only the very best in local, sustainable, seasonal and quality ingredients. 

We cater for all occasions.  Get in touch today to discuss your requirements. 

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