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Freshly cooked

Hot Waffles Freshly cooked to order and topped with sauces and sweet Treats

Sprinkled with marshmallows

Topped with Fudge

Dolloped with Smarties

Hot waffles, lolly waffles, waffles on a stick, round waffles, ice cream waffle sandwiches.  Whatever you want to call them, we cook them fresh to order with ice cream, sweet or fruit toppings, squirty cream and sauce.  Our most popular one at the moment is the ASSUME THE LOTUS POSITION:  Hot waffle, scoop of Biscoff Ice Cream, crushed Biscoff crumbs, Biscoff Sauce.  Simply.  DIVINE! 

Available for public and private events all over the UK including weddings, corporate events, charity fundraisers, cinema events and sporting days.

We serve these from our rustic bar set up under a gazebo or, if you are booking our Citroen HY Van we can serve them alongside coffees or our mobile bar as a tasty treat for your guests.  We also have a gluten free mix available for the hot waffles.  All our ice cream is gluten free (except if the flavour is something like Oreo, Rocky Road, Biscoff or Strawberry Shortcake)

Hire us today.  Prices start at just £495.00 for private events where we serve your guests a waffle each with a choice of toppings.

Contact us today for a chat about your event and we can put together some ideas.

topped with Crushed Oreos

Layered with Sprinkles

Fruity Options

Hot sweet Treats Can be Served with Ice Cream

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Our Hot Waffles are available to hire for all public and private events.  

Talk to us about your event and requirements.  We can set up and guests can buy as they go or you can pre-pay for our services and we cook all waffles fresh to order for your guests.

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